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               The most convenient airports to Bear Haven Canada Outfitters are Saskatoon in
           Saskatchewan, and Edmonton in Alberta. Saskatoon is about 3 hours from the lodge
           and Edmonton is about 4 hours.

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              Bear Haven Canada is located at the forest boundry in west central Saskatchewan. Virtually all the land north of our location is provincial forest. We are located where rich agriculture begins. Our Black Bear hunting benefits from both worlds. The thick, dense forest and agricultural farm land. Our Canada bear hunts are in close proximity of the lodge. After intense pre-season scouting we determine areas that are holding large numbers of bear. We then set the specific stand placement based on historical data and the scouting information. Our location is perfect for Black Bear hunting. Our Canada Black Bear guides use time tested strategies and proven techniques. We have produced a 100% Black Bear hunting success rate over the past 15 years.
We are the premier Black Bear outfitters in Canada!

The nearest town is about 15 minutes away and has a population of approximately 5,000 people. It is host to a few sporting goods stores, a liquor store, grocery stores, hardware stores, hotels, bars, restaraunts, a bowling alley, movie theatre, dentists, a hospital and pharmacies. The people are friendly and the atmosphere subdued.


              Airfare, rental vehicle and hotel accommodations in Saskatoon or Edmonton can be
           coordinated with WTA Travel Services. Ask for the outfitters discount for bear Hunting with
           Bear Haven Canada.

Contact WTA Travel Services at:



         Transporting firearms into Canada

              A Non-resident Firearms Declaration Form is required for a cost of $25 (canadian).
           To save time, we recommend you complete the form ahead of time.
  You will need 3
           copies and the form(s) must be signed in the presence of a Customs Officer at the
           port of entry.  Download the form at;  or
   The form can also be obtained by calling 1-800-731-4000.

           Saskatchewan customs can answer questions at: 1-306-975-4755 or 1-306-975-5110.

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Bear Haven Canada is the premier Black Bear Outfitters in Canada. Top notch Black Bear guides. Our Canada bear hunts are superb! With a 100% Black Bear hunting success rate, you are sure to harvest a trophy Black Bear. We have an extensive list of references available upon request. Feel free to talk to people that have hunted with Bear Haven Outfitters. We run a professional bear hunting operation. Our bear guides are experts at their trade. We limit the amount of bear hunters we host each week to ensure your Black Bear hunt will be a success. Our Canada bear hunts are fantastic! We take pridein our Black Bear hunting success rate. As the premier Canada Black Bear hunting outfitters we provide excellent accomodations, great food, dedicated service, and WORLD CLASS Black Bear hunting. We promise to do whatever it takes. You will be satisfied with your Canada Black Bear hunt.