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"Comfortable bear hunting lodge and excellent food"

Canada bear hunting lodge, excellent food, outstanding black bear hunts
          Your Canada Black Bear hunting adventure will be comfortable. After a successful bear hunt
       you will return to excellent accommodations and good food. We offer 2 cabins we call the lodge.
       The larger cabin is made from natural logs and has 4 bedrooms, 2 on the main floor and 2 on
       the 2nd floor.  The smaller pine cabin has 2 bedrooms and sleeps 4. Both cabins have a shower,
       bathroom, kitchen area, refrigerator, great room and fireplace.

 Black Bear hunting lodge in Saskatchewan, Canada. Premier bear hunts, outstanding bear outfitters and bear guides. World class Black Bear hunts!

           Home cooked meals are served in the main house dining room just accross the yard. The
       area immediately surrounding the lodge has a target range for both rifle and bow, picnic table,
       camp fire pit, and horse shoes. When you're not Black Bear hunting, relax in the private and
       peaceful atmosphere at Bear Haven Outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada. Your hunting lodge
       will be stocked with fresh baked pastries, muffins and cookies. A memorable day of Canada
       bear hunting is complete with a fantastic supper, and delicious desserts.

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         We will process your Black Bear to your specifications, depending on how you plan to mount
       the trophy. Your bear will be packaged, preserved and ready for transportation. As your full
       service bear hunting outfitter, we take care of the dirty work.

          Saskatchewan, Canada is a place of unspoiled beauty. The land is rugged and wild.  Wildlife
       is everywhere. The area is full of deer, moose, red and grey fox, hawks, eagles, elk, waterfowl
       and of course Black Bear.  It is a place where farming and logging are the primary economic
       contributors.  At night the northern lights are spectacular. Coyotes and wolves can be heard in
       the distance.  A visit to Bear Haven Canada, the premier Bear Hunting Outfitters, is not just a
       fantastic bear hunting trip..... its an experience!

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Bear Haven Canada, is one of the premier Black Bear Hunting Outfitters in Saskatchewan. We have been in
operation for over 15 years.  We have a very extensive reference list available upon request.  We run a very
personalized outfitting business in a private setting.  Bear Haven outfitters has hosted many celebrities from
Hollywood and professional sports figures.  We cater to sportsmen that desire a private setting. Our Canada
bear hunts are outstanding!  We take pride in your Black Bear hunting success.  As the top ranked Canada
Bear outfitters, we provide excellent accomodations, great food, dedicated service, and WORLD CLASS
Black Bear hunting.  We promise to do whatever it takes to make your bear hunt successful and enjoyable.