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SUPERB Black Bear Guides in Saskatchewan.

Trophy Black Bear hunting!


           At Bear Haven Canada, the premier bear hunting outfitters, we offer trophy Black
         Bear hunts.  Our Canada Black Bear hunting is SECOND TO NONE!  We are proud
         of our 100% succes rate.  Every person that has ever been Black Bear hunting at
         Goose Haven Bear Hunting Outfitters has had quality shots at a Black Bear. Black
         Bear hunting in Saskatchewan is outstanding. But the Black Bear hunting at our
         location is simply unbeatable.  The bear thrive in this ideal habitat. As professional
         Black Bear hunting outfitters, what matters is your success.  We offer top quality
         guides, comfortable lodging, excellent food and WORLD CLASS Canada bear hunts.
         Our bear hunting guides have the knowledge and experience to ensure your Black
         Bear hunt is an absolute success. There are no bear hunting guides anywhere that
         are more dedicated to you, the client. Our bear guides are determined for you to
         harvest a "Trophy" Black Bear. We demand your succeed!

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        The Black Bear population in Saskatchewan is scattered in pockets throughout
         the province.  The Black Bear are widespread, and finding these pockets holding
         large numbers of bear is a key to our success.  We black bear hunt in the area of
         Meadow Lake, in central Saskatchewan. The area is well known for outstanding
         Black Bear hunting. Our bear hunting guides are experienced professionals. The
         bear guides know the habits of the Black Bear in the area.  The guides perform
         intense scouting to determine routes of travel, bedding areas and feeding places.
         We determine the most optimal location and set the stands accordingly. We are
         very experienced with the rifle, muzzleloader and bow hunter. All the stands are
         placed most advantageous for your hunting situation. Canada Black Bear hunting
         is usually over bait. We maintain multiple sites and bait well in advance. You will
         have plenty of stands to choose from. The bear guides equip each bait site with a
         timer to accurately determine when the bear are hitting each stand. Rest assure,
         you will be Black Bear hunting in the right stand at the right time.
          We primarily Black Bear Hunt during the spring.  Fall bear hunts are coordinated
         on a case by case basis. Spring bear hunts yield Black Bear with thick, beautiful
         full coats.  Fresh from hibernation the black Bear have superb hides. We usually
         off Canada bear hunts during the last two weeks of May. Black Bear will start to
         rub when the temps warm up usually in June.

          Canada hosts numerous Black Bear hunting outfitters. Not all bear outfitters are
         created equal.  Please be selective and cautious when choosing an outfitter and
         guide. We strive to be the premier Black Bear hunting guides in Canada. We only
         employ best Black Bear guides.

          At Bear Haven Canada we have a proven track record of 100% success rate. The
         food is home cooked in the main house. The lodge is clean and comfortable. The
         bear guides are top-notch. Most of all, the Canada Bear hunts are superb. We are
         an outfitter you can trust. We shoot straight! We have a large reference list. Feel
         free to talk to people that have been bear hunting with Bear Haven Outfitters. We
         succeed when you succeed!

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Bear Haven outfitters has WORLD CLASS Bear Hunting guides. Our Canada bear hunts are superb! As
one of the premier bear outfitters in Canada we can basically guarantee you will have a shot at a bear.
We have an abundance of Black Bear in a great area. With a 100% bear hunting success rate it is pretty
much a slam dunk. Our bear hunting guides take pride in your Black Bear hunting success. Our bear
hunts are superb. If you want a Canada bear outfitter with professional bear guides, a 100% success rate,
excellent accomodations, great food, and WORLD CLASS Black Bear hunting...then Bear Haven Canada
is the choice for you. We promise to do whatever it takes to make your trip successful and enjoyable.